A story of 100 years of heritage and glory as pictured by Aston Martin, the world’s most iconic automotive brand, is still one of the most fascinating stories of the industry. Aston Martin started out in a small London workshop and developed into an automotive empire comparable to no other. It is truly a story of Power, Beauty and Soul.

Aston Martin was founded by Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin in 1913, initially named as ‘Bamford & Martin Ltd’. The name ‘Aston Martin’ was born after Lionel Martin had a successful run in England at the Aston Hill Climb in Buckinghamshire. It is said that this was a milestone for the company because with this car, the brand became synonymous with elegance and luxury. The company hit a slight bump in the road with the start of the First World War, but it was refounded at Kensington in 1920 with a brand new car that carried the legacy of the Aston Martin name.

But Aston Martin came to the limelight and received proper acclamation when their 1.5L model took a clean sweep at Le Mans at the 1933. And they never had to look back after that. In fact, their production continued to increase throughout the 1930s and they made the highest pre-war figure with 140 cars built in 1937. Their works were cited as engineering excellence which further developed their name.

The David Brown era dawned upon the company when it was bought by the tractor manufacturer David Brown Limited in 1947, which saw an expansion in the business beyond its comprehension. Within the next few years, the Lagonda Marque was purchased and the business was relocated to Hanworth Park, Feltham in Middlesex. After that, 2nd & 3rd in class success at Le Mans was achieved in 1951.

Still acclaimed as the most beautiful car in the world, the Aston Martin DB5 entered into production in 1963. The iconic brand is said to have made its debut and permanent mark in popular culture with this same car when it was featured as James Bond’s car in the classic ‘Goldfinger’. Following this success, product development continued with great gusto all through the rest of the decade. Despite its success, it saw a change in ownership in 1972 when ‘Company Developments Ltd’ took over the firm. But luckily, it was rescued by a consortium led by Peter Sprague, George Minden and Later Alan Curtis. Over the years, the ownership jumped from hand to hand until it was sold to a consortium of two major international investment houses, investment Dar and Adeem investment, led by Chairman David Richards and Dr Ulrich Bez. A new chapter in the company’s illustrious history was written in March 2007 through this hoping to lead the management team into a new era of independent ownership as chief executive.

Currently, Aston Martin has entered an amazing period of product development and technology with its brand new DP-100 vision gran turismo. With its unveiled heritage, Aston Martin progresses into its second century with some of the strongest line-ups ever to be.

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