Automotive industry has grown a lot since it first began-so much that people are questioning that is there any further to grow? Well, let me answer this question in a loud manner: It will!  The future that the automobile companies vision is truly spectacular. In fact, it will leave your jaw dropped and your mind amazed.

To begin with, we have always fantasized that in the future the cars will fly and everything will be afloat. The automotive has presented the first step on this wild imagination by inventing flying cars. Although, in the beginning the cars were not manufactured commercially-but recently the air bus has announced its production of the flying car. Many, however, question its safety regarding the lack of traffic control in the sky-c’mon cops are not Robocop yet! It widely believed that with the progress of the automotive industry this problem will soon be tackled.

We have entered an era of computers- where our lives are managed by the electronic smart signals. The automotive industry future is aimed at making full use of computers. Although, you might computers are currently used at a great rate- what difference would it make in the future. Hold your horses! The usage of computers that I am referring to consists of the complete control of vehicles by computer, automatically reaching destinations, and even safety features which are monitored by computers. All these are available today, but they are mostly concept models. In the future these will be for everyone- how cool is that.

Many famous car manufacturers have shared their vision for the future with their concept models. Among them include: Audi, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW etc. Now you might wonder is the future of automotive worth looking forward to? Of course it is. The direction where the industry is headed emphasizes on four main fields: Quicker transport, more efficiency from vehicles, increased safety features and the usage of automobiles with greater ease.

Currently the majority of vehicles on the market run on fossil fuels-which are non-renewable natural resources. Also this fuel is a major source of pollution-so what car manufacturers have in mind for the future is fairly obvious: a fuel that is renewable and produces close to zero pollution. The options include solar powered car, electric cars etc. Electric are vastly used being used, though they do not compare with the super cars in the market. The aim is to make electric power cars that are equally as efficient as the fossil fueled ones.

The future of the automotive industry is a very promising one. It gives hopes for a better tomorrow where cars are no longer seen as congesting and polluting agents but the opposite. The wildest imaginations of movie makers are being translated in the automotive industry-such is the progress. So, let me tell you this-you may think you might not live long enough to see this ever so promising future of the automotive industry, but my friend this future is closer than you think it is

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